A Critic’s Memoir

I just finished Adam Platt’s  book, The Book of Eating, on how he ended up being a food critic.

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Having had an International upbringing myself, I totally enjoyed the first 3 quarters of the book. These pages flew by and chronicled a life based on exotic locations, food and  family traditions.

It was the last quarter of the book that ended up making me feel sad. It was as if I were reading the experiences of a dinosaur that just had witnessed the Meteor that would be the cause of its demise.

In Platt’s case, it was the onslaught of social media outlets that have replaced the restaurant critic or if not replaced, they’ve forced him into a lifestyle that was not compatible with what he imagined it should be.

Nevertheless, if you have eaten in NYC during the last 30 years, this book will bring up some memories and take you down memory lane. The writing style is self-deprecating, at times humorous and mostly spot-on.

Worth the read!

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