Allerbi: Embrace Serenity on Wheels with a Revolutionary Exercise Bike


We have been working with our client, Allerbi over the last year as they are moving from concept to MVP. We think of it as Serenity on Wheels!

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Instead of targeting the competitive exercise bike market, they decided on an alternative route.

The Objective

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for exercise and relaxation can be a challenge. However, Allerbi is aiming to revolutionize the way people exercise and unwind. Allerbi is developing an innovative exercise bike that allows users to immerse themselves in breathtaking virtual environments, pedaling their way through scenic routes with the help of POV (Point of View) videos. With a target market of recreational riders seeking a leisurely biking experience, Allerbi is poised to transform the way we stay active and engaged.

The Concept

At the heart of Allerbi’s groundbreaking offering is the combination of exercise and the beauty of nature. The exercise bike itself features a sleek design and cutting-edge technology, ensuring optimal comfort and performance for users. But it’s the integration of POV videos that truly sets Allerbi apart. These videos capture scenic routes from around the world together with  geographic data, allowing users to feel as though they are pedaling through picturesque landscapes, from lush forests to sun-drenched beaches.

The Allerbi app, running on an optimized mini computer, acts as a gateway to an extensive library of virtual routes. Users can select their preferred scenic destination, whether it’s a serene countryside or a bustling cityscape. As they pedal, the videos play on a connected screen and instantly respond to the pedaling speed, offering a captivating visual experience that stimulates the senses and enhances motivation.

The Benefits

Allerbi’s exercise bike holds numerous advantages for recreational riders seeking a leisurely biking experience. Firstly, the combination of physical activity and virtual exploration brings excitement and novelty to workouts, making them more enjoyable and engaging. This heightened motivation helps users stay consistent with their exercise routines, leading to long-term fitness benefits.

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Secondly, the immersive nature of Allerbi’s virtual routes provides a serene and calming experience, reducing stress and promoting mental well-being. Riders can escape the confines of their surroundings and transport themselves to breathtaking locations, fostering a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation.

Finally, Allerbi’s exercise bike encourages social connectivity. Users can share their favorite routes and achievements with friends and fellow enthusiasts through the app’s integrated social features. This fosters a sense of community and healthy competition, making workouts more interactive and fun.


With Allerbi’s visionary approach to exercise and relaxation, the days of monotonous indoor workouts are numbered. Allerbi has emerged as a frontrunner in the fitness industry, poised to redefine the way we exercise and enjoy scenic environments. Truly a way to get Serenity on Wheels.

By combining physical activity with captivating POV videos, Allerbi provides an unparalleled exercise experience for recreational riders. Fitness enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the opportunity to embark on virtual journeys through stunning landscapes while reaping the benefits of a leisurely bike ride. Get ready to pedal your way to serenity with Allerbi.

The Next Step

The company is getting ready to raise funding for their Series A fund raise. If you are interested in investing or get their newsletter, please let us know and we will be glad to have you speak directly with one of their Founders.

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Allerbi: Serenity on Wheels with a revolutionary Exercise Bike!

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