Have you noticed how change seems to be accelerating? Have you gotten whiplash from having to react to new information flooding in from customers and marketing? While “Whiplash”  was written in 2016, it was remarkably prescient. There are several books with the same title, however, so here is a picture of the one I am writing about:

Book cover

It was written by Joi Ito , former head of the MIT Media Lab and Jeff Howe , a writer for Wired Magazine.

Why you should read this book!

Black Swan

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Six years after publication, this book has provided a set of recommendations that you can use now as a guide to establish the qualities you want your organization to have. It also is a guide to principles you would want to teach your child if you are home schooling. Quite a range for a business book!

“Whiplash” is a cook book for building a resilient individual or a resilient organization. The recipes have been tested at the MIT Media Lab.

This book offers the same theory as the 2007 book “The Black Swan Event” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The basic principle is that a resilient organization is better equipped to survive a future where catastrophic events will happen more and more frequently. We reviewed that book in 2015 and again in 2020, when the US entered into Covid-19 lockdown. For more see: Black Swan Event – revisited!


What makes this a good read is not only the way the authors lay out their thoughts, but also the fascinating anecdotes they weave into their material. I was not kidding–this book is also a great template for structuring a homeschooling curriculum.

frustrated student

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