The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

As an Entrepreneur you can either bootstrap or you can raise money from investors.

If you decide to raise capital, it is clear that you will have to give up equity or commit to monthly payments. What it is not so clear is what the psychological toll will be. That is especially true if you are one of the Start-Ups that have the concept, product and scale-ability to attract Venture Capital.

I just finished¬†Mike Isaac’s ¬†book on the story of Travis Kalanick’s rise and fall as the founder of Uber. The book starts slow but it accelerates and by the time you made it past the first couple of chapters, it has turned into a thriller and you can’t put the book down.

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The author had some incredible sources and the book has an astounding amount of insights on both the mechanics of Uber and the personality of the founder. If you are raising or are planning on raising funds, this book is a must read and will generate a list of “to Do’s” and “Not to Do’s”. It can make you envious and it can spare you a lot of pain in the long-run.

I am certain that this book will become a classic and I hope the author will consider writing a book on the fiasco called “WeWork”.

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