Are some of your customers Muslim?

With more than 1.6 Billion Muslims, odds are that some of your customers or employees are practicing Muslims.

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As a marketer or business owner, it will be helpful to have a basic understanding of the religion and how it’s principals can affect your interaction with them. Whether it is ad copy, product features or employee dress codes, you can get a better result if you have a basic understanding of the Muslim culture and religion.

While there are many excellent books trying to explain the business culture and differences, relatively few provide a personal perspective or have been a Pulitzer price finalist.

I just finished¬† Carla Power’s ¬†book “IF THE OCEANS WERE INK” and it was a wonderful read. She covers all the subjects a Non-Muslim may be curious about and she provides insights and examples based on her own journey of learning about Islam.

It is an interesting book for these interesting times.

An Unlikely Friendship and a Journey to the Heart of the Quran
If The Oceans Were Ink

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