Ritz and Escoffier – Giants of the Culinary Past!


ZN Blog Escoffier

This book is a good read about the formative period of Mr. Ritz and Mr. Escoffier’s partnership during the time they both established themselves as giants of the hospitality industry.

Using the rescue of The Savoy as a backbone for the story, the author Luke Barr describes how this partnership worked together and how the scandal of their dismissal resulted in not only Escoffier’s  book Le guide culinaire but also the founding of  the Ritz-Carlton hotel empire . ZN Blog Escoffier 1

If you are in the hospitality business, the book will fill in a lot of background on these two giants.

It also leaves you with the question: Who are the current equivalents of Escoffier and Ritz and what will their impact be?


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